Lepidoptera: Butterflies, Moths, and Skippers fyi ... antennae of butterflies, moths, skippers Papilionidae: swallowtails Pieridae: whites, sulfurs, orangetips Cloudless Sulfur: Official Butterfly of Alachua County, Florida Lycaenidae: coppers, hairstreaks, blues Nymphalidae: brushfooted butterflies, fritillaries more nymphalids Danaidae: milkweed butterflies Monarch migration--maps tens of thousands of migrating Monarchs migrating Monarchs resting in trees Satyridae: wood nymphs, satyrs Hesperiidae: skippers Sphingidae: hawk moths, sphinx moths Saturniidae: giant silkworm moths more saturnids Geometridae: geometer moths Arctiidae: tiger, footman, and wasp moths Noctuidae: noctuid moths, owlet moths, underwings Sesiidae: clear-winged moths photo sources