Some of the insects with simple metamorphosis Thysanura: silverfish Collembola: springtails Ephemeroptera: mayflies mayfly naiads mayfly naiads: leaflike or plumose gills Odonata: dragonflies and damselflies Odonata wing features Aeshnidae: darners Libellulidae: skimmers for comparison: Aeshnidae vs Libellulidae Calopterygidae: broad-winged damselflies Coenagrionidae: narrow-winged damselflies Odonata nymphs Orthoptera: Acrididae: short-horned grasshopper Tettigoniidae: long-horned grasshopper, katydid Gryllidae: cricket Gryllotalpidae: mole cricket Phasmida: walkingsticks Pseudophasmatidae: striped walkingsticks Mantodea: mantids mantids Blattaria: cockroaches Blattellidae vs Blattidae Preservation techniques for this group some more about pinning mounting on paper points