Class Insecta the ametabolous insects: wingless Thysanura: silverfish and bristletails Collembola: springtails the hemimetabolous insects: winged Ephemeroptera: mayflies mayfly naiads mayfly naiads Ephemeroptera (mayflies) Odonata: damselflies and dragonflies Odonata nymphs Orthoptera: grasshoppers, crickets, katydids Phasmida: walkingsticks Mantodea: mantids mantid, young emerging from egg sac Blattaria: cockroaches Isoptera: termites Isoptera: termites Plecoptera: stoneflies Dermaptera: earwigs Embioptera: web-spinners Psocoptera: booklice, barklice Mallphaga, Anoplura: lice Thysanoptera: thrips Hemiptera: bugs Hemiptera: bugs Homoptera: cicadas, hoppers, aphids, scales holometabolous insects: complete metamorphosis Neruoptera: lacewings, antlions Megaloptera: dobsonflies, fishflies, alderflies Coleoptera: beetles Mecoptera: scorpionflies Trichoptera: caddisflies Lepidoptera: butterflies, skippers, moths Diptera: true flies Siphonaptera: fleas Hymenoptera: bees, ants, wasps Photo sources